I bet I can pick the top 3 places you get your news or entertainment: Instagram, YouTube & TikTok. Nowadays TikTok has become the primary site for uploading short/funny videos. Some of us here at the Q  have TikTok accounts, Joanna Barba is the most vocal & she's constantly posting. So that got me thinking... what is the most liked video that features El Paso that's currently on TikTok? Well I did some research and here's what I found:

(these are the results when you search for "el paso tx" & sort by "most liked". It's also possible I missed some due to the search engine being weird at times)

"Rubiandog" posted this video of his "breaking up" with his girlfriend at Wet N Wild:

  • Lexy posted about her Mini Cooper being painted pink:

  • Someone caught, what I presume to be Ol' Dancin' Bobby at Sam's Club:

  • I wish crossing the border was this easy (and hilarious):

  • A few videos from the Bad Bunny concert REALLY got a lot of views:

  • I wasn't kidding. You can find dozen more Bad Bunny videos on TikTok.

  • And since it IS TikTok, we can't forget about the dancing videos:

  • Although I will admit... this one is cute:


There was one that was worth mentioning, Lala Blush posted a video on how to get rid of stretch marks (and yes that was one of the results of the most liked videos). I won't show that one, just in case you're eating.

But what is the most liked El Paso video?

It's this one uploaded by Alan Camarillo ("alanbrito984" on TikTok). This video was one taken at the Bad Bunny concert (of course). But it's a little different... it's not a person but rather.. a baby shark:

Now it's possible, with so many people uploading to TikTok, that these results might be different before the end of the year. But if there's more videos in El Paso, keep 'em comin'!

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