It's coming down to the end of the year, and you know all the music TV channels and magazines and websites will be posting their picks for the best songs of 2011. We could do that, too, there's tons of songs we like, and love to play.

But we have a different idea. How about YOU tell US what your top 10 songs are, and we'll play them!

So here's the deal:

Here's a list of a bunch of the best songs that came out this year. Just pick your Top 10 songs, we'll tally the results up, and on New Year's Eve we'll play the Top 50 Songs from 2011 for you beginning at noon. In case you miss something, we'll play the entire list again on New Year's Day not once, but TWICE beginning at 10am!

Make your vote before the end of the day on December 21st and then listen for the results:

  • New Year's Eve beginning at Noon
  • New Year's Day TWICE beginning at 10am