You have to admit, when you read about a blood-seeping ceiling your mind automatically resorts to haunted. Well, at least that is what I first thought before reading the actual story. An El Paso woman Ana Cardenas went through the unimaginable in her apartment.

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She was in bed when she thought what she felt were droplets of water was in fact blood. She even felt a drop hit her face and when she turned on the lights, she was horrified to discover blood spattered all over her bedroom. It's a good thing Ana Cardenas isn't a hemophobia.

Well, her blood-seeping ceiling wasn't anything that was a part of the paranormal or evil spirit afterlife. It turns out her upstairs neighbor had passed from natural causes and was found on the ground above her ceiling fan. He bled so much that it seeped through the carpet and ceiling and into the fan.

After this unfortunate incident, Ana Cardenas is battling with Cielo Vista Apartments about her blood-stained bed. Since renters insurance wasn't required Ana Cardenas didn't even bother with getting it. It's a difficult situation because you don't ever think something like this could ever happen to you.

You see something like this happen in movies not in actual real life like for Ana Cardenas. Everyone knows it's better to be an upstairs neighbor instead of a downstairs one. This is something to consider for people who are looking for an apartment at the moment. You can see the report from KTSM News channel 9 above.

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