Before you decide to crack open a cold one, make sure you know your location and surroundings. As of now, you should start learning where every homeless shelter is located in El Paso. Now it helps to know where local homeless shelters are so you can drop off any donations you have.

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Also, there is a new rule that has gone into effect as of this past Tuesday. The new ordinance that was voted by the El Paso City council involves an open container and homeless shelters.

Now it is considered illegal to have an open container of alcohol within a certain distance from a homeless shelter. So if you have an open container within 1,000 feet of a homeless shelter not around the Central Business District, you can face a class C misdemeanor with a fine of up to $500 if you're caught.

So if you are ever faced with that desperation to crack open a tall boy, hold yourself back. I understand desperate times call for desperate measures but it sure isn't worth a $500 fine.

But if you gamble with your luck and take those risks just make sure you know the area. It kind of makes you wonder where the homeless people can crack open a cold one since they must be at least 1,000 feet away from a homeless shelter. But there are some homeless people in El Paso who prefer to drink nearby instead of further away from the shelter.

There are quite a few homeless shelters scattered around El Paso. Make sure you know exactly where each one is so you know to calculate the proper distance. If you want to familiarize yourself with alcohol prohibited public places just click here. You can also read further details about the public alcohol rules by checking out the KFOX news story here.

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