A couple of weeks ago El Paso Boxer and friend of the KLAQ Morning show David Rodriguez was attacked outside a pizza parlor in Scottsdale Arizona.  You read more about it here. After weeks of speculation, David came on the morning show to tell his side of the story.

During the interview David talks about what happened that night.

"I remember a couple of guys asked me for money and when I told them no...they got angry.   Words were exchanged...then it started to die down when one of them asked me for a lighter, another one sliced my neck with a knife."

When asked if he started the fight, Rodriguez had this to say:

"No I didn't start it. I don't go around looking for fights.  I'd be in trouble if I would have started it."

David also talks about the sloppy work the Scottsdale police did that night and what good has actually come out of this attacked during the rest of the interview which you can listen to below: