Koala Attack
Koalas aren't the first type of animal you would think are evil creatures. Cats may be the jerks of the animal kingdom but Koalas take the crown in being the most adorable but terrifying animals in the wild.
Killer Cat 911 Call
I believe cats are misunderstood creatures but this one might just be crazy. Lux, the 22 pound himalayan cat, attack his family and forced them to take cover in a bedroom. This cat really hates Mondays.
When Monkeys Attack! Teresa’s Aww! of the Day [VIDEO]
The manager of the cafe at the Memphis Zoo told this guy that the alpha male monkey noticed him the minute he walked in and started going crazy because as the alpha male, he feel threatened by tall males.  The manager told him to go stand by the window with his back to the monkey and the monkey…
More Turtle Awesomeness!
i am anxious for all my turtles to come up from hibernating.   I guess there are some people who let their turtles live inside with the other pets.  Here's an example...