Have you ever loaned someone your car?  After the loan is over, have you ever started getting notices of a parking violation or some other kind of ticket?

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

This has happened to me, and more than once. The person who borrowed the car got a parking ticket and failed to mention it when they were done with the car.

A woman in Fort Worth had this experience but over and over again to the tune of $17,000.

Dee Davis, a single mom who works two jobs, got the $17K bill in the mail at the end of summer 2023.  She was sure it had to be a mistake. She NEVER uses the toll roads because….she’s a single mom working two jobs.

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She noticed, however, that all the violations started when she was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend back in 2020. They broke up in 2021. The bills only started coming in 2023. Dee thinks her ex-boyfriend was HIDING the ticket notifications from her. Either way, she now has to carry, in her car, a hefty folder stuffed with notices from the North Texas Tollway Authority. She says that, so far, when she explains her situation to officers they usually let her off with a warning.

She says she’s been pulled over FIVE times in just four months. It’s always for the same reason: driving with an expired registration sticker.  Because of the amount she owes, she is now classified as a “habitual violator” which prevents her from renewing her vehicle registration.

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The NTTA labels anyone who has not paid 100 or more toll violations as an “habitual violator”.  Arrests warrants can be issued for habitual violators and that’s what has Dee Davis really worried.

“They can take you to jail”, Davis told the Dallas Morning News. “ I’m frantic about it”, she says.

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