Haunted Mexican Restaurants

There are a couple of Mexican restaurants that are still missed to this day! Those two restaurants are La Hacienda and Sombras Del Pasado. La Hacienda was located off Paisano right next door to Mexico. Sombras Del Pasado was further out heading East on Socorro road. There are crazy so many crazy stories we can exchange about these two restaurants. It has been said that La Hacienda had a lot of strange activity going on during and after business hours. Things like plates and silverware would move without anyone around. As for La Hacienda, the former staff, and customers have quite the tales to tell about that place. In fact, some of our KISS FM staff were invited to spend the night at La Hacienda. Luckily, their spooky sleepover wasn't for nothing since they got the proof they needed!

As for Sombras Del Pasado, it seemed like it was much worse than what happened at La Hacienda. Someone I know had something happen to them while eating at Sombras Del Pasado. It was said that the bathroom in the restaurant had a lot of weird activity during business hours. Someone I know had used the restroom and had got locked in somehow. I would rather see plates and silverware move on their own than being stuck in the bathroom. Pick which haunted Mexican restaurant you miss and wish could come back below!

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