There are some people who are sad and some who are happy about Hill Top Women's Reproductive Clinic closing. People are entitled to their own opinion about this abortion clinic that was located on Shuster. You have some that are pro-life and some who are pro-choice. Those who are pro-choice were in support of the abortion clinic on Shuster. While the pro-life people were protesting to have the clinic shut down. Well, Hill Top has closed their doors after 36 years of being in business. If you try and visit their website it is no longer a working link. You will see some reviews about the clinic that are good and bad. One group in El Paso that goes by Pro-Life News El Paso was extremely happy about the women's clinic closing. They had spent time protesting outside that clinic hoping Hill Top would shut down. When the time came where Hill Top closed after 36 years they shared the news on their social media.

What a beautiful sight!! Watch as the abortion center Hill Top's info is erased!! Glory to God!!

Posted by Pro-Life News El Paso on Monday, September 21, 2020

The Pro-Life News El Paso had talked to a nurse that was in charge who worked at Hill Top about what was next. The nurse who was in charge had confirmed that the building is being put up for sale. When you drive down Shuster next time take a look at the building and notice the sign is no longer visible. The wall that had Hill Top Women's Reproductive Clinic lettering has been painted over and is gone. There are so many mixed emotions from different parties about this abortion clinic closing after being in business for so long. Feel free to share your opinion about Hill Top closing their doors after 36 years in the poll below.

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