Whether it is old news to some, it's new news to others. Remember that one tasty burger joint you miss, Silver Streak? The one last location standing was in Clint and is now closed. Yep. You read right, no need to do a double-take. Silver Streak in Clint has apparently been closed since last month according to some of the Facebook comments on the 915 on Blast Facebook page. Steven Aranda shares some pictures and sure enough, the drive-thru lane is blocked off. There are some who were stunned (like me) hearing about this kind of news in the food world. It especially hurts for those (like me) who didn't get the closure that they would have liked. Every single El Pasoan knows and misses the food from Silver Streak. The only Silver Streak fix we had left was in Clint and is apparently closed for good.

915 On Blast shared some food news that left some of our hearts in pieces. They shared a picture of Silver Streak leaving us who planned to visit that spot in the future devastated. I always told myself I would make the drive in my gas guzzler for some Silver Streak. Looks like I won't get the closure I was hoping for now, or ever. In the comments section, Steven Aranda shared some pictures he snapped of the burger joint. Hurt to see the drive-thru lane completely closed off to cars. Some comments from the post have been claiming this is old news and closed last month. But to me, this is definitely new news to me.

Steven Aranda
Steven Aranda

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