Once upon a time, there was a castle that once laid at the corner of I-10 West and Executive Center. You should know right off the bat what particular business I am talking about. If you don't then you're way too young for this story and would need to continue reading to learn about Prince Machiavelli Lounge. I am pretty sure some of the people who live or work around the Executive Center area were paying customers. Even a co-worker of mine has admitted to visiting Prince Machiavelli Lounge a few times.

I remember the time the news started announcing about Prince Machiavelli Lounge closing. There were a lot of sad men and women here in El Paso when this adult entertainment club closed. Hell, I even bet the frequent travelers that stayed at the hotel purposely for the castle were probably bummed too. Prince Machiavelli Lounge was conveniently located right by the freeway and across from a motel. I did notice a change once after the Prince Machiavelli Lounge was completely demolished. When Prince Machiavelli Lounge shut down was the day drivers didn't have to worry about jaywalkers.

The only reason I was kind of glad to see it close down was for that specific reason. Jaywalkers. That was one of my biggest pet peeves that I hated coming across when I am on the road in that area. It was especially scary since drivers exiting off the freeway come at a fast speed. But one thing I surely miss is seeing the castle every time I drive up Executive Center. Feel free to share a story you have about Prince Machiavelli Lounge on our KLAQ Facebook Page. Also, feel free to take the poll below about the memories you had at Prince Machiavelli Lounge.

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