I'm not sure if the memory loss is already kicking in but I can't remember the last time I had rented from Hollywood Video. I do remember when my family started renting from Hollywood Video though. I was a freshman in high school so 2000 is when my family would rent from Hollywood Video. We weren't really very much fans of renting from Blockbuster Video. I can definitely recall a few reasons why I preferred renting from Hollywood Video back in the day. That stores had their way of arranging movies by placing new releases on shelves against the wall and older flicks in the center aisles.

Another reason I enjoyed renting from Hollywood Video was that you could hold on to a new release for a longer period of time. So the new releases you rented from Hollywood Video were yours for a week. As for Blockbuster Video, new releases were tough to rent and only had 3 or 2 days to watch it. Plus, there weren't as many copies for new releases the way Hollywood Video provided for their customers. Granted the rentals at Hollywood Video were a tad higher priced than Blockbuster Video. But according to Texas Standard Blockbuster Video seemed pretty popular in El Paso, Texas. As KFOX reported it was the end of an era when Blockbuster closed. There were 4 stores that held on strong here in El Paso of the Blockbuster franchise. That last Blockbuster Video store left to close was in Bend, Oregon according to Verge. It is crazy the way times have changed in the movie rental world over the years. We went from losing Hollywood and Blockbuster Video to Redbox's then to Netflix, Hulu, and On Demand. But when you did rent videos, where was your go-to spot between Hollywood and Blockbuster Video? Place your two cents in the poll below.

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