An El Pasoan stunned a lot of locals after his tweet about Montwood Dollar Movies closing, went viral. Apparently, A LOT of El Pasoans didn't get the memo about Montwood dollar movies closing. The El Paso Premiere Montwood actually closed its doors on March 17, 2020, due to the pandemic.

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Now, the El Pasoans that already knew about this, felt bummed out. But, as for those that didn't know (which was a lot) were dumbfounded. It seems as if some locals were living under a rock thanks to the pandemic.

El Paso Premiere Montwood has been closed longer than a year and some are just becoming aware. It was all thanks to a Twitter user for sharing old news that was new news to some. Mr. Leo shared a tweet on June 27, about El Paso Premiere Montwood closing their doors.

Leo definitely had an impact on a lot of people in El Paso's hearts with his tweet. Tons of locals retweeted Leo's tweet with some hilarious captions. After Leo's tweet went viral he was stunned about making it on to The Real Fit Fam El Paso for his tweet.

But lots of El Pasoans had a lot to say whether it was good or bad about their fond memories. Heck, you'll even find a rated R memory about what someone did inside those movies. But Leo's tweet sure did inform people who didn't know about the sad news from over a year ago.

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