Sometimes the weather in El Paso can be a real buzzkill when we plan to attend social outings in the borderland. Everyone already knows how bipolar Texas weather can be sometimes which can be really frustrating. For example, El Paso can go from being bright and sunny one day to gloomy and cold the next.

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Luckily, Tony the Tiger Bowl Game was still a go despite the cold rainy weather that came through. But not all events are lucky enough to continue with the original plan like others are capable of.

The pandemic couldn't affect Sun City Holiday Lights since you remain in your car with your own immediate family. But what could affect Sun City Holiday Lights to close early would be the El Paso weather.

If you've already checked out Sun City Holiday Lights at Desert Warriors Paintball then you know and could understand why they made the final decision to close for the season. As it is the road you would drive through would be extremely muddy which may be difficult for some drivers.

Unfortunately, this was the final weekend to check out the Christmas extravaganza but due to bad weather, Sun City Holiday Lights is now closed for the season. If you were planning on visiting Sun City Holiday Lights this weekend you're going to have to wait until they re-open next year.

If it weren't for Desert Warriors Paintball, Johnson Jewelers, Alliviane, AAA Home & Termite Inspection, and Speakeasy & Liquors Sun City Holiday Lights wouldn't be possible. So if you waited until the last minute (such as this weekend) to see Sun City Holiday Lights, you have to wait even longer now. But at least this gives Christmas fanatics in El Paso something to look forward to for 2022.

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