Texas bikers aren't just tough, they can be some of the nicest & most generous people out there. Many of the toughest bikers out there have hearts of gold, especially if you travel to El Paso. We have several motorcycle chapters that do amazing charity & every day help for children; like the Sun City Chapter for the Guardians of the Children.

Who are the Guardians of the Children?

The Guardians of the Children motorcycle chapter was created with one mission in mind: to help children, between the ages of 0-17, that have been victims of abuse by accompanying kids to court when they have to testify against somebody & to provide continued strength and stability for them. There are several chapters for the Guardians of the Children around the United States & Canada; 10 of them are located in Texas. El Paso, of course, being one of the main centers for the Guardians of the Children.

The Guardians of the Children Sun City Chapter was started in 2015, to help children in the El Paso & Las Cruces areas. Since then they have done many anti-bullying presentations for Crime Stoppers of El Paso, La Mente Behavioral Health & IDEA Public Schools. The Sun City Chapter have also worked with local organizations such as the Child Crisis Center, the Center Against Sexual & Family Violence, & the Sara McKnight Transitional Living Center. They have also been extremely active within the El Paso Motorcycle Coalition.

To say these people care about children, I'd say that's an understatement. They truly do care about the kids in our area & their hard work has been known for nearly a decade. In fact, their hard work was also featured in the November 2023 edition of The City Magazine, because of their charitable work for kids. So we're not the only ones who sees the dedication this chapter has to making children's lives better.

I speak for everyone here at KLAQ when I say to every one who has helped make a difference in a child's life over the years... we appreciate the hard work you've done over the years & we thank you for making sure the kids of El Paso & Las Cruces are safe & protected. Keep doing the right thing & let's ride...

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