Yesterday was a BLAST!!

The 30th annual El Paso Motorcycle Coalition Toy Run And Parade went great!  TONS of bikes raising toys and money to buy toys for needy kids throughout El Paso and the surrounding area!  El Paso are bikers turned out in force for this yearly event.  I was at Cohen helping with set up so I didn't get to ride in the parade this year. That's why I don't have any cool pictures of/from it.  But it was HUGE!!  A few miles long with bikes spanning the entire length of Trans Mountain.

Watching the parade come down the mountain was absolutely beautiful!

You can see a few pics I took from Cohen Stadium below.  They're not that great, because they were taken on my phone instead of a real camera, but you'll get the idea.  Hopefully in a day or two, I'll find some better ones (maybe even some video!) for those that could not attend.

It was a really kick ass day with bike displays from Viva Powersports, food, drinks, a biker fashion show sponsored by Barnett Harley - Davidson and several bands including Texas RoadkillBeneath The Chaos and Synyster.

Thanks to those bands, my friend Bundy from So Not Psyched and everyone else who volunteered their time and talent(s) to help this cause. You guys ROCK!!

Bikers; mega thanks to you guys!  Once again, the El Paso area motorcycle community is out in force to give and give BIG!!

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