This morning Mayor Cook read a proclamation officially declaring today "El Paso Motorcycle Coalition and El Paso Motorcycle Community Day"!

The El Paso Museum of History is currently featuring an exhibit on motorcycles. They are also trying to raise funds to restore an artifact known as The Ysleta Mission Door ... a door from the mission that dates back to 1680!

In conjunction with the "Motorcycle Madness" exhibit, the El Paso Motorcycle Coalition is holding a bike run to help raise funds for the door restoration project.   (The run is the 22nd, click the link above for more info.  I'll also post more info at soon.)

In recognition of the upcoming run ... as well as all the other charity work that El Pasos biker community is constantly doing ... Mayor Cook and the city representatives took a moment to honor both the El Paso Motorcycle Community and the El Paso Motorcycle Coalition!  A coalition that is, by the way, open to all motorcycle enthusiasts. Past, present and future!

Thanks to Mayor Cook, the El Paso City Council and all the bikers that were present this morning at City Hall.  For those that couldn't make it; check out the video below! (I went!  That's me hiding over in the right hand corner!)  Then go check out the bikes!  It's not a premanent exhibit so enjoy it while you can!  :)