The El Paso Motorcycle Coalition is rolling today (12/18/12) to pick up some more toys for needy El Paso area children!  Area bikers are meeting at 1:00 to pick up toys donated by students at Kolhberg Elementary School.


According to Ryan LaBarbera, chairman of the El Paso Motorcycle Coalition;

Rather than the normal gift exchange amongst the 740 students at Kolhberg Elementary, the Students have opted make some small Piñatas stuffed with a little bit of candy and a small toy. As part of a learning experience, the Students are going to donate the Piñatas to needy children in the community. After thinking of many places the Piñatas could be donated to, they have decided to donate the Piñatas to the El Paso Motorcycle Coalition Toy Drive. We will in turn get them out to the needy children in the community through our Toy Distribution.

That is AWESOME!  El Pasos youth helping El Pasos youth!  Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus will be their on their bikes and ALL the Kohlberg students will be allowed out of class to watch the bikes roll in and take pictures with The Clauses' and/or on their favorite bikes!

If you would like to be a part of todays (12/18/12) event, "get your motor running" and meet the E. P. M. C. members in the parking lot at Helen Of Troy and Resler at 1:00pm.  From there, the procession will ride to Kohlberg which is just a few blocks away!  

The more bikes the better!!  Let's show these kids how much their kindness and their efforts are appreciated!!

For more info, call me on the rockline at 880-4955 or email me;!