El Paso bikers, well, ok ... ALL bikers ... are really proud of their motor-sickles.

Ask any biker what kind of motorcycle they have and he or she will not only happily tell you every little detail about their machine(s), they'll probably also start breaking out the pics.

Most of them probably have more shots of their bikes on their phones than they have of their kids. (I say "them" like I don't do the same thing. LOL) Whether they're cruisers or sports bikes, loaded or stripped down, we love our scooters.

Motorcycles are everywhere and, thanks to our super biker friendly climate, they're pretty much out there year round.

Please watch extra carefully for them as they're, obviously, smaller than other vehicles and not as easy to see.

It's not just motorcycles, scooters and electric or "motor driven" bicycles have gotten very popular too.

They're even smaller than motorcycles. In fact, we recently lost an aspiring young musician and artist who was struck by a car on his electric bike.

RIP Kayci.

Photo, Veronica Diaz
Photo, Veronica Diaz

Please, watch for motorcycles and all two or three - wheeled vehicles in general.

Motorcycles are as varied and unique as their owners. Some bikers go way over the top with features, extras, conveniences and comforts. Others stick to the basic engine, frame, handlebars, gas tank setup.

I asked some KLAQ listeners who ride to send me some shots of their garage babies and they totally came through.

El Paso Bikers Love To Show Off Their Awesome Motorcycles

El Paso Bikers Showing Off Their Motorcycles

Loaded or basic, big or small - we love 'em, all.

Even non-bikers appreciate a sweet looking bike so, enjoy all the homegrown, mechanized eye candy.

One thing for certain, El Chuco is loaded with sweet rides.

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