The story of the "Grand Slam" punk show at a Denny's in California keeps getting better and better! Now Green Day are donating to help out with damages. Earlier this month we told you about the 17 year-old promoter who decided to rent out a Denny's banquet room to throw a hardcore punk show. The Denny's wasn't prepared for the madness that ensued and proceeded to get stuck with the bill for damages. After the story went viral, a GoFundMe was set up by the performing band Wacko and the promoter.

Many concert-loving donors came to the rescue of the promoter, and damages were initially totaled at $600, but the full cost came out to about $1800, according to the PRP. The promoter was able to cover that entire cost with one donation alone, from the band Green Day. According to the PRP, the music legends decided to donate $2,000 to help cover the cost of the show's damages. The total amount raised by both GoFundMes was $4,700. Enough to cover the damages and book another Denny's banquet room for another killer hardcore show. Check out the full Grand Slam concert above.

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