One of the fake Texas concerts was supposed to take place at an iconic Texas film set and tourist attraction.

You totally have to be careful who you do business with these days. A guy named James Watson jr apparently spent most of his adult life scamming people, most recently by putting on fake concerts and music festivals.

He conned investors into backing shows all over the country including some in Houston and Dallas. Southfork ranch, best known as the Ewing's home on the tv show Dallas, was supposed to be the site of one of them.

Watson jr swindled people out of around $3 million with his fake events, telling some investors that if they didn't stay involved with his projects and keep giving him money, they'd never see any money back. Yeah ... that sounds legit.

It turned out that in promoting the Texas Music Festival, Watson defrauded at least 18 investors, including a 92-year-old woman, of around $2.5 million. The FBI and a Texas prosecutor at the time said that Watson told investors "a charity would be holding the ticket receipts for the concert" and promised a "substantial profit." Instead, Watson bankrolled "an extravagant lifestyle" with the money and "disappeared on what was supposed to have been the third day of the Texas Music Festival." - chron

He addresses his legal problems on his website saying he's ashamed and disgraced. No word on whether or not he's booking anymore shows although he was once ordered to never do so again without permission.

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