As we get further into the year of 2024, El Paso has another concert that to look forward to seeing: the metal legends, Queensryche is returning to Speaking Rock for the summer. And the best part...this concert will be FREE.

When is Queensryche coming to Speaking Rock in 2024?

As announced on the band's official Facebook page, the metal legends are set to perform on the outdoor stage on Saturday, July 27. The 2024 show IS free, however, it's only for ages 21 & over.

Queensryche is no stranger to performing in El Paso either since they've been here many times

And I do mean MANY times; a total of at least 10 times dating way back to 1985. The first time was at the El Paso Convention Center on February 8, 1985 during their Warning tour. They only played a total of 10 songs but amazingly, there exists audio FROM that very concert. In fact you can find the whole show on YouTube here.

Fans of the KLAQ Downtown Streetfest will remember when they performed during the 2011 Streetfest; the same year with Hinder & 10 Years.

Queenryche played HAS played Speaking Rock before; once in 2013 and the last time being over ten years ago; on May 24, 2014 at the Socorro Entertainment Center. The last time we saw them in town was on May 24, 2016 at the Don Haskins Center so this return to El Paso is 8 years in the making...

You can find more information regarding the Queensryche concert & future concerts at Speaking Rock on their Facebook page.

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