The Pretty Reckless have finally released a video for "Going To Hell"!!

The Pretty Reckless are a fairly new band fronted by a well known ... and insanely hot ... actress; Taylor Momsen!

She was Cindy Lou Who in How The Grinch Stole Christmas and also starred in We Were Soldiers, Gossip Girl and many others.  Now she has set her sights on music and I think THIS is truly where she belongs!

The Pretty Reckless drove through El Paso recently and stopped to visit The Qs' Twisted Circus In 3D!  While there they hung out with a few Q winners as well as doing a special acoustic show at The Q's haunted house!

The performance was amazing and it was just an acoustic set.  If they rock like that stripped down, "plugged in" they must be monsters!  (Mom-sters if you will!)

Their first single from "Going To Hell" is the title track and here is the video they released with it.  See for yourself how hot she is and how bad azz the band is.  We're already trying to lure them back to El Chuco for a full on, plugged in show.

Cross your fingers!