I've been working on my barn lately and it's really coming together.  The other day I showed you the fridge I'd like to have for it; now check out the can!!

No, not beer cans .. though there are an abundance of them laying around .. I'm talking about THE can; the toilet!!  You saw the fridge I want yesterday (Which I may actually be getting! Sweet!!) now let's move on to the next thing I've decided the "Double G Spot" needs.

A really kick ass toilet!  The beer cans have a spot, now I've found a place for the gently used beer itself.

The coolest part about this is; the thing really plays! Please though; play it the way it's designers intended!  I do NOT recomend using your fingers.  (At least find a really BIG pick to use! PICK ... I said pick, p-i-c-k.  There was no "r" there.......cochinos.)

Seriously; does anyone know where I can get one of these??  I tried some of the El Paso/Las Cruces area hardware stores. They keep hanging up on me.......