Theft happens everywhere and it is normal for a police officer to assume when it comes to doing their job. Yes, they're the good guys trying to keep crime off the streets and us safe.

Before watching this you start to wonder where or how this could go wrong, but it sure as hell went right! Normally most cases you see on Live PD can be predicted, but the case above has a plot twist that you wouldn't believe. Of course, everyone knows not to judge a book by its cover but some still tend to. It kind of seems like that was the case here when the cop was asking about his guitar. But another way to look at it is the dude busted with a bag of needles just screams guilty and possible thief. But this video is proof that Rock N' Roll will keep on rolling until the end of time! So when the police officer asked the dude to play something, the man was quick to take advantage of his twenty seconds of fame. Who will prove who wrong here in this segment of Live PD?

See if the needle man can legit play the guitar or just carries it for show!

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