Thankfully this plumber didn't discover any dead fish after pulling off this rescue! The plumber was called for business due to some blockage in someone's home.

Right This Minute published Jordan Becker's plumbing duty that turned into a Finding Nemo ordeal. Jordan used his special camera equipment to see what kind of situation he was dealing with. Jordan's discovery was beyond amazing when he finally discovered what the cause of the blockage was. Apparently someone had flushed down a bunch of aquarium basics for the tank. Those flushed items included sand, plants AND goldfish that were still alive! If you're wondering where this flushing fish incident took place happened in Sweden. Jordan the plumber clearly has a big heart since he decided to save the goldfish instead of leaving them behind. I hope the people responsible for flushing down these goldfish end up with clogged pipes.

Thankfully these goldfish that were rescued got their happy ending which you will see!

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