Ghost came and conquered their El Paso audience. Cardinal Copia and his ghouls took the Abraham Chavez Theatre stage in full force.The smell of sage and other holy things spread through out the theatre to remind those experiencing the show, the ritual has begun.

Cardinal Copia had about four costume changes and dominated in each one. No one told me this would be a gothic fashion show with a kick-ass soundtrack. From "Cirice," "Year Zero," "Life Eternal" even "Square Hammer," everyone in the audience heard their favorite song and you knew it with each eruption of cheers from the crowd. The surprise cameo that caused the loudest cheering of the night had to be when Papa Nihil graced the stage to play a saxophone solo.

Emily Slape

El Paso knows how to welcome bands and always has a hard time saying goodbye to them after an AMAZING performance. Cardinal Copia and the Ghouls kindly left the crowd with a bow and a sense of unity, as they held up a Mexico flag that was given to them at the end of the performance.

Emily Slape

Thank you Cardinal Copia for blessing that stage and thank you El Pasoans for knowing how to enjoy a rock show!

Ghost 2018