A man in College Station, Texas is going away for 5 years after he was caught being a total, perverted jerk.

Peter Baty was a Texas A & M transportation employee at the time he was committing his kinky crimes.

The crime?  Invasive visual recordings.

He hid a camera in the ladies restroom of an A & M Transportation Service's Transit building and left it there, recording constantly, for almost a month. Access to the restroom was limited to Transportation Service employees only and wasn't available to the public.

According to an arrest report in 2019, Baty was seen on surveillance cameras entering the women’s restroom around 5:00 a.m. beginning on April 12, 2019, and continuing on subsequent Fridays until May 3, 2019. The district attorney’s office said the camera ran 24 hours a day for five months before its discovery. - KBTX

Once discovered, the camera was traced back to Baty and a search warrant was granted for his home. There, cops found around 800 videos of at least 20 women on one SD card and over 15,000 other videos according to the Brazos County District Attorney’s Office. The sucio didn't get many jollies from them though as 90% of them showed only a dark, empty restroom.

The cops have ID'd 67 of the ladies but over 100 were, unknowingly, filmed according to the Brazos County DA's office. While this all happened in 2019, the case was only recently settled and Texas A & M University released an official statement after the sentencing. You can read it here.

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