By now, you've probably already seen the viral video of the guy skateboarding, filming a TikTok, drinking cranberry juice straight from the bottle and singing along to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams", right? Oh, you haven't seen the video yet? Let me introduce you to what everyone is calling "cholo skateboarding while listening to Fleetwood Mac while drinking cranberry juice".


This is TikTok user @420doggface208. For months now, @420doggface208 has been uploading videos to the platform of him dancing. His very first video is just him dancing to The Hustle.  

And while his videos have garnered thousands of likes and views, and a follow from me, his recent skatebording video has made him a viral sensation. He's a total vibe. We all know that "Dreams" is the superior jam, and watching him just skateboarding, living his best life while drinking cranberry juice straight from the bottle is somehow soothing. I'm not the only who thinks so because now Fleetwood Mac themselves have responded to this guy saying simply; they love him!


I think we can all agree that the fact that it takes skill to be able to record, skateboard, drink cranberry juice and sing along to a complete jammer. I'm glad this guy is finally getting recognition because his videos will definitely put a smile on your face.

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