UPDATE: Due to miscommunication between Insights, EPISD and us we have cleared up the situation and now know the show is being presented as an Insights' FREE Public Planetarium Show at the Gene Roddenberry Planetarium

If you enjoyed the show at the Planetarium when you were younger, you can relive that time again! Next month Insights and EPISD will be teaming up to present you a Planetarium Show. Gene Roddenberry Planetarium will be hosting a public showing before they move forward with new plans. Those new plans consist of a major upgrade for the Gene Roddenberry Planetarium in the future. I was given some information from the executive director, Meghan Curry from Insights that apparently was incorrect. I spoke to Gustavo Reveles who has said the Planetarium won't be closing for good. He said the Gene Roddenberry Planetarium will actually be upgrading and relocating in the future. We can all shout for joy that the Planetarium will not be shut down!

As for the planetarium show, it will be open to the public so you can attend with your family or friends. The event will be held at the Gene Roddenberry Planetarium located at 6531 Boeing Dr. You can check out the Planetarium Show next month on Wednesday, October 2. The Planetarium Show will be from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. The capacity is set for 110 people which I know will fill up really fast. When I was younger visiting the Planetarium was one of my favorite school field trips. If you also enjoyed the shows they have put on, this is the one you don't want to miss. I know I will be asking for the day off at work to relive a favorite childhood memory of mine.

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