Gene Roddenberry Plantarium

The Gene Roddenberry Planetarium is undergoing some major construction this year. If you attended the Planetarium show last year you got an insight into what the new building will look like. Not only that you have a general idea of when the construction will be completed. This upgrade is going to take some time to be finished but will totally be worth it. Everyone is very fond of the Gene Roddenberry Planetarium because of the great times we had there as a child.

They began their construction just last month and hoping to the construction completion will be January 2021. Then hope to move in between January 1 through February 2021. The other location we fondly remember on Boeing sat 120 while the new location will seat 122. I have so many great memories of visiting the Gene Roddenberry Planetarium on Boeing. Also hoping they plan on having a welcome back show that will be open to the public in 2021.

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