If you have been curious about our planet and solar system that's partially covered in ice this next Nerd Night is for you! Insights present Nerd Night and will have some scientists from around the world to discuss Antartica. Science On Ice is sponsored by the T.I.M.E. Research Group Thwaites. These scientists will be explaining to us about their research about the below freezing world. TIME is an ice-based project that observes with their geophysical techniques. The scientists you will be seeing an appearance from will be Slawek Tulaczyk, Dustin Schroeder, Adam Booth, and Jenny Suckale. You can join this cool Nerd Night adventure at the Rockstar Burger Bar. Since this event is limited seating be sure to book your reservation now. The next Nerd Night is this Thursday, March 21 at 7 pm.  Science On Ice is really fun to check out and sells out pretty quickly. You can grub out and learn more about our solar system and planets!

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