I always remember the excitement I had just before a field trip to the Planetarium. Gene Roddenberry Planetarium has me jumping for joy about their free summer shows. I can definitely say I am looking forward to attending the summer shows with my son. They will also be accommodating to those who would prefer to see the show in Spanish.

The Planetarium has set up a schedule for the month of July for their free summer shows. They have different types of subjects they will be going over for each day they host the show. Monday will be on the perfect little planet and Tuesday will be Astronomy in Spanish. Then Wednesday will focus on two pieces of glass and Thursday will be a segment on back to the moon for good. The dates vary for July's schedule and won't begin until July 15 ending on July 18. Then they will pick right back up on July 22 through July 25.

I can't wait until the free summer shows so I can take my son and is an excuse to get my nerd on!

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