Parents must be feeling excited for their kids after hearing the latest news. Just last night Gene Roddenberry Planetarium shared a thrilling Facebook status.

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If your favorite school field trip was to Gene Roddenberry Planetarium, get your kids amped up. Gene Roddenberry Planetarium shared the news about receiving the green light to welcome future astronomers back. Shoot, before they announced about relocating they invited the public to a free show.

Now, I know I'm a grown woman but I love that pretend place in space. It was always my favorite field trip. So of course, I jumped on the free show and hyped it up to my son.

At the free show is when they announced they were relocating and the new future construction of it. Which then meant closing the doors for quite some time. But as of yesterday evening looks like students and teachers can look forward to their field trips to the stars.

Gene Roddenberry Planetarium shared they got the green light to let students enjoy their adventures in space.

Now, I must admit I wish I could check out another show at their new destination. Plus, you get to learn the different phases of the moon.

Gene Roddenberry Planetarium seems to be allowing students back very soon. If we have been able to wait this long surely we can handle it a tad longer.

I sure am hoping they give another free show to the public again.

In July they had shared a teaser on El Paso Independent School District's Facebook page about their return. Thankfully Gene Roddenberry Planetarium is ready to invite students back to learn about space.

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