You know that horrific feeling people get after walking in on their parents having sex? You will get that same disgusted feeling after witnessing two roaches mating in front of the camera.

I don't understand why the person who found these two bugs decided to make a short film on their quick intimate mating session. This would definitely be something you would see featured on the National Geographic channel. The bottom roach really held on tight to the roach on top making sure it was able to get it in. I assume the ONLY people who would find this sex scene amusing would be Entomologists which is a scientist who studies insects. Then after fertilization the female roach will produce an egg which is known as ootheca. Not sure if Cary Harrison was responsible for filming this, but if you plan on becoming an Entomologist then this should amuse you.

If your gag reflex is pretty strong and can handle disgusting images then knock yourself out with these roaches mating!

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