After a coupe deaths that have occurred from eating or drinking contests may have you debate if those tickets or money is worth risking your life. Well as for this Florida man Edward Archbold won the contest but soon after died.

AppleDailyEnglish gives you a quick summary as to what happened that night at the contest. Edward Archbold, 32, died of asphyxia  according to his autopsy by the medical examiners office. For the contest he ate 35 'super worms' along with a bucket full of roaches that are alive. The prize he was aiming for was a $850 Ivory Ball Python which he wanted to re-gift it for his friend. Shortly after winning the contest he started vomiting and soon after collapsed. As for the other 30 competitors they didn't feel sick after completing the contest. Ben Siegel Reptile Store decided to officially cancel this event due to the death of Edward Archbold.

Witness this determined man scarf down a bucket of roaches and worms right before his death.


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