2 Texas drive-ins, one right here in El Chuco, have taken the "action" out of the cars and put it on the screen!

I first discovered the Fiesta Drive-In years ago, accidentally. (It was to an accident.) My friend and I were out 4 wheeling in the far east El Paso desert when a light caught our attention. As we approached it, we were suddenly confronted by an 80-foot tall hottie, masturbating like there was no tomorrow.  Welcome to the Fiesta!

We watched for a few minutes but, since we weren't actually IN the theater, there was no sound.  (Not that sound was necessary, I can read lips ... no pun intended ... pretty well.) The Fiesta, 13800 Montana, can accommodate up to 500 cars, allows you to bring your own booze, food, etc and, if you need any other "stuff"; they have an adult movie 'n novelty store there too.

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