This year was special to us simply because we got to be a part of Live PD on A&E. Plus, another perk about the show was getting to see someone you know either getting in trouble or just a bystander. I remember one night I got home from the second gig I had on the weekends and realized I could've been on Live PD. I did see a couple of my former bosses make their debut on the show that very night.

I always enjoyed vegging out on the weekend just to watch Live PD on A&E when El Paso was featured. But sadly, for some reason, they stopped filming Live PD here in El Paso a long time ago. Live PD had started following our crime here in El Paso back in 2017 which would air Fridays and Saturdays then. There was no reason why they decided to take a break from El Paso but always enjoy seeing old episodes. Recap some of the best moments on Live PD that happened here in El Paso above.

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