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KLAQ's 2017 Best of the Rest Poll
Every few months, some publication asks us to choose the Best of the Best. But what about the categories they forget about? Like, Best Local Stripper or Best Bar to Find a Girl With Daddy Issues or Best Medical Work Worth Going to Juarez For?
Yay Us!!
El Paso kids will be happy to know that El Paso has been ranked as the 8th best city in the United States for trick or treating.
Best Menudo in El Paso
Are you looking for some delicious menudo? Check out the best Menudo in El Paso as ranked by Yelp and Urbanspoon users.
Watch the Most Epic Stage Dives in the History of Rock Music
Stage diving. It’s an art and not really a science. Actually, we take that back. It is an art and a science, since biology factors in when the adrenaline takes over. That means that listening to one’s brain often goes out the window, all in the name of ROCK! Music is a powerful motivator, and as you…

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