The weather sure did get crazy in different parts of the borderland. Granted the weather's temper tantrum of a storm didn't last as long as we thought. But for the amount of time it lasted seemed like a while.

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But that is only because of how bad it actually got in some areas. For example, if you follow KVIA Abc 7 News, then you know what I am referring to. After the storm rolled through El Paso Abc 7 News caught a video of what seems like Florida weather NOT El Paso weather.

It had me feeling how Florida residents feel during hurricane warnings. Luckily, it didn't last long but the little time it did, felt intense. You can see Abc 7's footage of their parking lot area at their studio for yourself below.

They're located off of Executive Center and N. Mesa on the Westside. In fact, they're somewhat kind of near us here at KLAQ. So you can say some El Pasoans got a quick demo or sample of Florida's hurricane weather.

You saw how it was for part of Abc 7 staff, can you imagine how people who live in Florida feel? Not sure about you, but I could never EVER live anywhere where tornados and hurricanes exist. I honestly could see Florida people treating what El Paso went through like the storm scene from Devil Wears Prada (see above). But the insane storm that rolled through El Paso was no joke. Despite our drastic weather changes, we sometimes love every bit of it.

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