They say "if you don't like the weather in Texas, just give it a minute ... it will change". That's especially true in spring as these folks just found out.

The weather in Texas can be crazy and unpredictable any time of the year bur spring is when it really goes totally schizo - psycho. The peeps in Marathon, Texas just got a reminder of that right upside their heads.

The seasons changed in record time, literally before their very eyes.

A "hail" of a hail storm struck Marathon, Texas a few days ago causing the city to have to break out the snow plows on what had been a hot, practically summer day. The high temp for the beautiful, sunny day hit 105 degrees and, in about an hour, fell by half.

The 50 degree drop in temp was due to the hail-acious storm that dropped 2 feet of hail on the town. Residents said it looked like it was snowing, you can see some pics here.

Hail is typically a warm-season event. As heat develops during the day, thunderstorms form and the updraft in the thunderstorms pushes supercooled droplets to the top of the cloud where it is very cold. Hail circulates in the cloud until it is too heavy to resist gravity and falls to the ground. - ABC News

To add insult to injury, the very next day, Marathon got 2 and a half inches of rain in, again, about an hour.

That's not the record for Texas though, believe it or not. In 1990, San Antonio temps dropped from 80 to 23 in one day.

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