As summer of 2024 begins, a number of Texas cities are running out of water and some could be completely dry in only 20 years.

Many cities in the USA are facing critical water issues and some may run out of water completely including several in Texas. Some southern Texas cities could run out by 2044 and we could  be going dry statewide by 2070.

Meanwhile, other cities in Texas are expected to be completely under water by 2049.

Texas does like to go big with things ... even when it comes to a crisis.

Back to back years of drought and super high heat have depleted water supplies in Texas big time and they’re not bouncing back. In the past a really “wet” year or a good hurricane or two would replenish supplies but lately, wet years and hurricanes haven’t been that common.

Experts say the hurricane forecast in Texas could bring us a big one this year but there's no guarantee on that and we're drying up quick. Suburbs between Austin and San Antonio recently declared the area in a stage 4 drought for the first time in decades.

On top of the weather issues, the country of Mexico … which shares the water of the Rio Grande where it runs between the 2 countries along Texas’ southern border … has racked up quite a bit of "water debt" that they won't repay.

On top of what Mexico takes from the Rio Grande, disputes between states also impact Texas' supply.

That’s bad news for places like far-south Texas, where big reservoirs on the Lower Rio Grande fell from 33 percent to 23 percent full over the past 12 months. A repeat of similar conditions would leave the reservoirs far lower than they’ve ever been, triggering an emergency response and an international crisis. - Wired

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Suburbs between Austin and San Antonio were declared a stage 4 drought for the first time in decades and worries stretch beyond the Rio Grande. In Corpus Christi, authorities stopped releasing water meant to maintain minimum viable ecology in the coastal wetlands.

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