A list of the 10 hottest cities in the United States of America just came out and, somehow, El Paso isn't on it.

Yes, Death Valley is too considered a city. The list of the hottest cities in America has a few from Texas on it and their temps do get pretty up there but not as high as they do in El Paso.

We've already hit 109 degrees this year and it's not even officially summer yet. Summer, by the way, is expected to be even hotter this year than it was last year.

The 10 hottest cities in the USA list was put together by accuweather.com who, you would think, would have access to average temperature info and be able to get their lists on point.

Maybe they just took a random shot, I don't know but there are hotter cities in the USA than the ones they selected. Their list didn't include any in New Mexico and, while Arizona and Texas did make the list, they didn't really pick the hottest spots.

Phoenix Boils In Near-Record Heat Wave
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  • Phoenix - Good call, temps there get so hot they sometimes shut the airport down. It literally gets too hot for the jets to function.
  • Tucson - They're right next to Phoenix so, yeah ... way warm.

No Lake Havasu though? Really? They average 109 during summer, which often beats Tucson, and can go even higher.

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For Texas, they listed San Antonio, (high 90's to low 100's), Houston, (low 100's) and Dallas, (high 90's). Meanwhile, El Paso, gets over 110 pretty regularly.

We already hit 109 this year and summer hasn't even started yet. Las Cruces sees pretty much the same highs as they're only about 40 miles away which is why I'm surprised they didn't get New Mexico on the board.

As for other states, no Death Valley? Really? That place literally cooks all summer and once hit 134 degrees. Accuweather is only semi-accu ...  :)

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