Tornadoes aren't the only major storm that hits Texas on a regular basis; we've seen our share of intense hurricanes too. While we've seen more tornadoes cause more havoc in the state, Texas has seen over 60 hurricanes since the 1800s. But which ones were the deadliest? Let's take a look at 6 of the deadliest hurricanes to ever hit Texas.

Hurricane Rita (2005)

From September 18-25, 2005, Hurricane Rita would hit Category 3 status as it cut through the state of Texas, killing a total of 113 people in Texas alone. Ironically most of the people who lost their lives would die as a result from the evacuation of the Houston area...

Hurricane Ike (2008)

3 years later, Texas would see another major hurricane: Hurricane Ike from September 1-15. It was a Category 2 hurricane when it hit Texas, killing 84 people.

Hurricane Harvey (2017)

From August 25-29, a Category 4 hurricane, Hurricane Harvey, would strike Texas. It would be the first Category 4 hurricane to hit the Middle Texas Coast since Hurricane Celia in 1970. A total of 68 people died in Texas from Harvey. This storm became known as the storm that made Houston "underwater"

Hurricane Carla (1961)

Between September 3-13 in 1961, a category 4 hurricane, Hurricane Carla, would hit Texas, killing a total of 34 people. This storm was so intense, the name Carla was retired when naming Atlantic storms.

The 1915 Galveston Hurricane

Galveston would sadly be known for its history of deadly hurricanes; including the Category 4 Hurricane that would hit between August 5-23, 1915. Over 400 people died but thanks to the seawall the city built, it could've been worse. And there's a reason why the city built a seawall...

And last but not least: the 1900 Galveston Hurricane

Yes the most well known hurricane in Texas history is without a doubt the one that occurred on September 8, 1900. Also known as the Great Storm of 1900, an estimated 8,000 people died from the hurricane and flooding that occurred afterwards. Today Galveston, and indeed the rest of the state, is much more prepared for hurricanes. But it's important to remember just how far we've come since then...

Other notable hurricanes to hit Texas were the 1933 Texas Tropical Storm and the 1527 hurricane that killed 162 people.

If you wanted to see more weather stories, you can see how many F5 tornadoes have struck Texas here.

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