While some parts of Texas, particularly the eastern regions, receive substantial rainfall, other areas, especially in the west and north, are much drier, it can be said that when it rains, it pours!

Harvesting Rainwater in Texas
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When we do get some much needed rain, and we get into what we call our "monsoon season", some may be curious about harvesting rainwater.

Why would someone harvest rainwater?

Harvesting rainwater involves collecting and storing rain for future use, and there are several reasons why someone might choose to do this such as water conservation, storm water management, emergency preparedness and for environmental benefits.

Water flowing into rain barrel

However, not all states in the country allow rainwater harvesting; all in all, two states have rainwater collecting restrictions, in other states, water harvesting is either not regulated or actively encouraged by state officials!

Is harvesting rainwater in Texas legal?

Harvesting rainwater in Texas is not only legal, it's highly encouraged! The Texas Water Code (§341.042) mandates that harvested rainwater can be used for potable and non-potable purposes, provided it meets health and safety standards.

Rainwater harvesting in Texas is increasingly popular due to the state's variable climate, frequent droughts, and the desire for water conservation. By adopting rainwater harvesting practices, Texans can take a proactive approach to water conservation, reduce their environmental impact, and increase their resilience to water shortages.

If you're interested in rainwater harvesting, here are some tips according to AgriLife Today. By following these steps, you can set up an efficient rainwater harvesting system that meets your water needs and contributes to sustainability.

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