There are a lot of Hispanics in the borderland that always includes chorizo in their grocery list. You will find few people who don't care for chorizo and be without it. While others, always double-check their chorizo supply before making a grocery run to stock up.

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Well, food prices are on the rise especially in El Paso and certain items are costly. One particular food item that retails at about $7 now is chorizo. Now the cost for beef and veal products went up 2.6% as KFOX 14 shared from the Labor Department.

Besides chorizo, T-bone steaks at Albertsons went from $5 a pound to $9.95. But it was funny to see the comments from some El Pasoans saying Peyton's chorizo is worth the cost now. But even El Paso natives who are no longer in El Paso wish they could buy Peyton's chorizo where they're at now.

Hell, they even don't mind about the price because they miss that chorizo that badly. We all have our own personal favorite food items we wouldn't mind spending more on. Now I don't really care much for chorizo the way others in and outside of El Paso do.

But for some El Pasoans who are willing to pay $7 for chorizo must really love it. It's very rare when I crave chorizo and eggs compared to those who crave it on a daily basis. So I want to know if you do or don't mind paying $7 for chorizo at the grocery store. Please share your two cents about chorizo being worth $7 or not in the poll below.

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