I've never understood how people decide to put their life and reputation at risk for silly attention. It's insane how far some people are willing to go for an attempt at becoming internet famous. This young lady may be internet popular at the moment but footage like this could also ruin her image.

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Now and days people have their phones glued to their hands at all times usually. This means your premeditated bonehead move will eventually surface unless you asked a friend to record it. Regardless though, anyone in their right mind wouldn't pull a stunt like the ones at our El Paso Zoo.

It was just in March when two kids were spotted inside an exhibit at the El Paso Zoo. Bad parenting at its finest should refresh your memory. Now, the adults responsible for allowing the children inside the prohibited area shouldn't be a proud moment. Due to their move, the El Paso Zoo had to make some changes to that particular exhibit.

In order to prevent what happened in March happen again meant raising the barrier. The El Paso Zoo told Abc 7 news they were going to make the fencing taller for that exhibit. I definitely feel for the animals because of that family the animals now have to feel even more enclosed with additional fencing.

But not even two months have gone by and the El Paso Zoo is already dealing with something similar, again. An El Paso woman was filmed attempting to feed the animals and then climbing back over. It just has me wonder if they ever wonder about any kind of penalty if she was identified and busted. Let's just hope our El Paso Zoo doesn't experience a threequel of stupidity. Place your opinion if you believe every exhibit needs security in the poll below.

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