An El Pasoan is facing serious consequences that he will remember as his last ride of a lifetime. The El Pasoan Andrew Rodriguez has been charged with killing Walter Richard Anderson, 58, of Las Vegas. It is unsure at this time if Andrew Rodriguez's trip to Las Vegas was for business or pleasure.

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But after him making national news, it's safe to say the trip was about pleasure. Usually, when people visit Las Vegas, Nevada they're going for a good time. We all know how it works in Sin City and how sometimes things can get out of hand.

The city that never sleeps and is all about the party scene attracts the people who want to let loose. It is very sad and unfortunate that Andrew's good time led to Walter Anderson's tragic time. According to news reports Andrew Rodriguez and friends had rented a Lamborghinis to drive around and explore the city.

Why is it that when someone buys or rents a luxury sports car they have to put the pedal to the metal? I will never understand why people have the urge to speed just for fun. Well, maybe for some people the luxury of the car seems to take control of the drivers.

Andrew Rodriguez couldn't help himself when he sat in the driver seat of the Lambo. Police are saying Andrew Rodriguez was traveling at a high rate of speed of 141 mph on Russell Rd. and Rogers Street. Which tragically took Walter Anderson's life from being struck on his moped from behind.

The police noticed signs of impairment from Andrew Rodriguez when they arrived at the scene. This kind of news affects all sorts of people who know and love Andrew Rodriguez and Walter Anderson. You can see the report above from KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas news. So let this be proof to you that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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