Black Sabbath may have called it quits back in 2017, but it's clear the spirit of Sabbath is still felt in 2021 & the spirit will definitely be felt this year in November when the only female-fronted Black Sabbath tribute band comes to El Paso.

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There's not many tribute bands with all female members; the only other one that come to mind are The Iron MaidensMistress of Reality is exactly that, only not for Iron Maiden, they're paying THEIR respects to Black Sabbath. They are: Izzy Osborne (vocals), Nancy Iommi (guitar), Sheezer Butler (bass) & Jill Ward (drums).

If you haven't seen Mistress of Reality in action, here are some videos of the band in action:

Just like the Iron Maidens did back in August, the Mistress of Reality: All Female Black Sabbath Tribute WILL rock El Paso later this year...

Skull King Productions presents the Masters of Reality Festival featuring Mistress of Reality, at Raves Club, 6816 Commerce Ave on November 13th & the show starts at 1pm .

There will also be a LOT supporting bands for this show:

  • Texas Voodoo Stomp, Fusebox & Nowhere Man from El Paso,
  • YouTube sensation Dimphonic from Houston
  • Burning Sunday from New Mexico
  • Riizer from Arizone/California
  • there's even going to be students performing from the Let There Be Rock music school.

The tickets are $25 online & if you want to get your tickets for the Masters of Reality Festival, you can get your tickets right HERE.

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