When you think of cover bands, there's some that TRULY capture the essence of the band they're emulating. Iron Maiden is one of those bands where not just anyone can do a tribute for them. They have to TRULY capture the magic of the band & there's only one band that can truly pay respects to Iron Maiden... The Iron Maidens.

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Since 2001, Los Angeles's The Iron Maidens have not only proven to be one of the BEST Iron Maiden tribute bands in the world, they're the ONLY all-female Iron Maiden tribute band out there (& yes Eddie makes appearances during their shows as well). Their line up has remained consistent as well:

  • Kirsten “Bruce Chickinson” Rosenberg on vocals,
  • Linda “Nikki McBURRain” McDonald on drums,
  • Courtney “Adriana Smith” Cox and Nikki “Davina Murray” Stringfield on guitars,
  • Wanda “Steph Harris” Ortiz on bass

If you need proof on what the Iron Maidens can do, here's a sample:

Last year the Maidens put shows MOSTLY on hold, only doing select shows in Arizona. For 2021, they went back on tour, the first show being the M3 Rock Festival back in July & they WILL be making a stop to El Paso this weekend.

The Iron Maidens are coming to Rave's Club, 6816 Commerce Ave, this Saturday, August 28th & they're getting a little support from the local band Fusebox. The show starts at 7pm & you can get YOUR tickets right HERE.

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